Born and raised in St Louis, Missouri, Nori Obata has been creating porcelain ceramic tableware for thirty-five years.  She uses traditional wheel thrown methods as well as hand building techniques to create each of her pieces. 

Nori Obata received a degree in Studio Art from Wells College and has traveled internationally, particularly in Japan, which has inspired her own artistic vision.

The clay body for these pieces is English grolleg porcelain, which is a high-fired clay.  After the initial firing she applies her signature wax resist design work over a clear glaze finishing with a cobalt blue wash. A second high firing completes the process.

Nori’s unique porcelains are ready for display or functional use. These ceramics are food safe and dishwasher safe.

In addition to the porcelains Nori has a line of glass bead jewelry. She makes the beads by melting glass rods in a torch fueled by propane and oxygen. Many of the beads have been etched to reveal a matte finish.


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